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Today I started a new project, A new adventure. That’s why I’m so excited. However, I understand this better “Writing software and writing poetry are the almost same”. Software is an art. Especially if you are a game developer . I don’t know if I want to be a game programmer in the future, but I know that some games are really no different from artwork (graphics, music, dialogues, etc.) And i can give an example about those games ;
1- Undertale :
This game has awful graphics but it’s scenerio is beautifully . and i fell in love when i play it .
2- Hollow Knight:
This game’s atmosphere is very artistic . And dialogs . I really loved this game .

Shortly there are a lot of artistic game just you should find them ^^ .

I have not yet been able to developed a artistic game . However, I get the feeling I get while drawing (By the way my pictures are terrible) while developing a game …

Returning to my game, Today I wrote the script and found some graphics and a few pictures for my game. I have to organize them and turn them into a product. There is a longer process, I hope a good product will come out.

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