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Hi , web development . Normally , i don’t interest web development so much , I interest game and mobile development . But because of some jobs , i forced to interest web ­čśů. After that , i learned wordpress and i developed some websites . I really loved wordpress , because i don’t need to write so much code , just i will add some plugins and web site is ready . BUT !!! I think this is not freedom . Maybe , I decided wrong thing . Because maybe , i will wanna add some interesting thing to my website but i may not find a good plugin for this . That’s why nowadays i started to learn web development . I have already known PHP from school . But news says that it is not popular in this age . That’s why i researched some resources and i saw that javascript is popular after all i decided to learn javascript . Now i am beginning of the road . And i dunno what will happen , maybe i will be happy with wordpress (like now) and i will give up or i will learn to develope plugins in wordpress. And i will earn money ­čśÄ . I dunno . Just i know that i shouldn’t stop . I must to improve myself in this short life .
That’s all . I hope you enjoyed reading my blog. See you on my new blog.

Some websites which i developed with wordpress :

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