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Today is 26/08/2020

Yes I developed a deep fake video, I use an open-source code (i will share it) and I developed with my baby photos.

(OMG I used to be so cute :””””( )

And I wanted to use another video, and I developed one more video, deep fake baby 🙂

wow, scary :/ . I can’t think in the future. I think we will see interesting things. People will argue about each other, and we will see a lot of fake news. This is really scary :/ . I hope people can use this for good things. For example, sometimes I want to see an actor on tv who died a long time ago (Batman Joker / Heath Ledger ). I hope we can use this technology like this kind of things.

And lastly, I want to share one more deep fake video created by the photo I took these days.

Resources :
if you want to develop your own deep fake video, you can follow this site
Code Github

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