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Today i decided to develope a new project. And i developed it . Firstly i had joined a channel in Telegram which share Udemy opportunities .  And i really liked it . Later i wanted to develope a Discord channel like this Telegram channel . That’s why i wanted to develope a bot which send messages to Discord channel from Telegram . Later i created a Telegram Bot . And i tried to join the telegram channel but i couldn’t join . Because it was a channel it was not a group (Shortly , telegram absurdities created some problems to me) .

After that , i found an Android application which share messages telegram account’s each other (My english ridiculous, i really know and i am sorry for this ) .  Maybe i can develope an application like this android app in the future . And it will be more usefull for me . Later i started to develope my telegram bot and firstly i tried to print (with python3 ) my telegram messages which sending from my own telegram account . And i did this easily . Later i tried to develope Discord Bot . But I encountered a few problems . And after some researching i changed my way . And i created a webhook for my discord channel . In this way  , i would share easily my messages . I had developed this automation code but there was a problem . The code should have worked each days. But i did’t have a hosting for this project . That’s why again i researched some things and i saw a Youtube video and the video helped me a lot .

As a result I’ve finished my little project and in this way ,i created an Discord Channel you can come to my discord channel from this link . Also i wanted to share my resource code , you can use this project for your own projects .

Click here for My project’s code (Don’t forget to give star 🙂 )

That’s all , if you have any questions or willings you can mail to me . ^^

See you soon, see you on my next blog!

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