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The majority of people visit my site because of this game. That’s why I thought that I release a blog about this game. And I will answer these questions ;
-Why is the game updated slowly?
-Will release new updates?
-What is my plan?

Let’s start to answer questions.

1- Why is the game updated slowly?
Actually this is completely my fault. The countryball wars game was my first game. I learned Unity with it. And after the game project, I tried to do different projects, and the majority of them I have been failure 🙂 And now, I am developing some different games and applications. That’s why I probably won’t update the game again. But I will develop some different games like it.

2- Will release new updates?
For countryball wars, I won’t share new updates, but maybe I can add some countries. But I will develop Country Ball Games.

3- What is my plan?

Firstly I will develop a strategy game because this is my biggest dream. I really like strategy games since my childhood. And I wanna develop a strategy CountryBall game. Also, I will write a blog about the game. After that, I wanna develop a historical game that includes country’s history, and it will have a lot of episodes. I’ve not done anything for the historical game yet. This is just my plan. I hope I can make my plans as I want.

If you have any questions about the game or my projects, you can ask in the comments; I will try to answer quickly. See you in my next post. Bye.

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